Upgrading Your Kitchen 2018 Feature

Whether you are selling your home, just moved in, or simply just want to redecorate - this article will guide you through some ideas that will help modernise your kitchen and create something beautiful! After all, kitchens are one of the most ‘looked-at’ rooms in the home, believed to determine a homeowner’s personality. Therefore, you need to ensure your kitchen is decorated at the highest of YOUR standards, with help from us.

Kitchen remodel is very important, so consider these factors to personalise your kitchen:

Colour Schemes

I think it’s safe to say that kitchens with one colour are pretty much extinct now, as it does seem slightly plain. When upgrading your kitchen your colour scheme is so important as it contributes to the overall theme of your home. So, what do we suggest? Think about you, as the homeowner, and your personality - vibrant and multiple colour schemes are all the hype this year, so whether you want to follow that trend is completely up to you. A lot of common kitchen designs have one light colour and one dark i.e. black and white, but the colours are endless, choose you. 


This point varies, as it depends on the size of your kitchen and the space available. Usually, in a kitchen, your units surround the perimeter of your kitchen, so if you have a large space in the middle of it, we would recommend investing in one. Furthermore, not only are they becoming more popular as the years go by, but they incorporate a dining area, adds more storage and takes up any awkward available space in the room. There are also many uses for an island; for instance, it can be used as a breakfast bar, as food preparation or just as a sitting area, so it is highly useful in a kitchen. 


Shelves aren’t what you usually see in a kitchen, but have lately been making an appearance and have changed the game for kitchen storage. It’s the perfect opportunity to add some greenery to the room, but you can also add things such as herbs, sauces and utensils. These shelves are a modern design statement, producing a more living and comfortable zone for you to prepare and cook your food. Finally, this is also another opportunity to save up hidden storage to hide away any clutter. 


They may be small features to your kitchen, but if you choose wrong, it can clash and ruin your whole kitchen’s style. In 2017, the trend was having no handles, but they have since made a strong comeback - this year, the ‘handle trend’ is bold colours and shapes i.e. having a black and white kitchen with rose gold handles. You can even take the opportunity to match your handles with your appliances, so they aren’t completely stood out. 


The intensity and position of the lighting determine the atmosphere of your kitchen, so if you illuminate the work surfaces with basic LED lights it creates a simple effect and shows your focus on the units. Furthermore, apparently in 2018 the lighting trend for kitchens is concealed lighting i.e. lights under the table and in cupboards etc. which is no surprise, as it makes your kitchen look modern and immaculately-gorgeous. As a result, illuminate your kitchen with multiple simple lights and create a unique atmosphere for your kitchen. 


Regarding features such as sinks, taps, handles and appliances, which tend to be metal, you should aim to match these features in order to contribute to your theme. Metals are an important material to include in a kitchen because it reminds those standing in the room that this is a place where food is stored, prepared, cooked and usually eaten, the metal gives the working effect by brightening those features in a room i.e. the oven and sink. Whether it’s brass, silver, bronze, gold or any other mixed metal, they have been trendy for years and probably will continue to be for quite some time, so involve some into your home. 


Worktop designs add personality to your kitchen - from marble to wooden, these are the icing on top of the cake, or the worktop on top of the units, in this case. Additionally, it’s vital that you choose a design/materials that suit your colour scheme or overall theme, and also matches the rest of the features in your kitchen i.e. handles and appliances. In 2018, the worktop trend is a specific material known as Neolith, which is produced with 100% natural ingredients and large amounts of heat and pressure to create a gorgeous, durable surface. You will find yourself falling in love with the endless variety of worktops to choose from, so when upgrading your kitchen, ensure you choose wisely.

Tidy Worktops

Although it sounds boring, having tidy and empty worktops makes your kitchen look stunningly immaculate, and gives you more room for food preparation. This point is more recommended for those who own open-plan homes or wish to have one, as it creates more space in the room and generally gives off a neater atmosphere. Despite this, we aren’t suggesting throwing out the toaster or the microwave - if you want tools on your worktops, go for it. However, cluttering your units with all of these things can really ruin the modern upgraded effect of a remodelled kitchen.

Match It

Whether you have an overall theme in your home or multiple, there’s no harm in matching kitchen furniture with some living room furniture, for example. This trend has become so popular that a lot of companies now offer ranges/collections of furniture that may be for different rooms but have similar patterns and design. Doing this creates a more coherent scheme throughout your whole home, whether that is matching the colour of the toaster and microwave with the ornaments in the living room, or if it's just colour scheme. This works especially for those who own open-plan structured homes. 

Thanks for reading.