Top 10 Interior Design Tips & Trends for 2018 Feature

When you are selling your home, keeping it clean, presentable and nicely decorated gives you the best shot at selling. Take a look at these awesome tips and trends on the latest interior design moments.

1) Make Your Front Door A Statement

We might as well begin with the first thing your buyer will notice - your front door. It’s the gateway to the interior property and its presentation is very important to the buyers.

Whether it’s traditionally wooden or a modern painted moment, your door will probably contribute to your buyer's overall opinion. Therefore, a great idea would be to match it with your interior theme, so the audience gets a taste of what they will see inside. Pinterest searches for “colourful doors” have increased by 121 per cent this year already, so join the trend and make a statement.

2) Create A Colour Theme

There are a variety of colour schemes that are all of the trends this year. For instance, ice cream colours are getting a load of recognition this year in not only the interior but exterior and fashion design. By “ice cream” colours, I mean colours that are inspired by and match the theme of ice cream. Create a palette of inspiring colours and splash it about - this can really make your house look warm and organised to your buyers, intriguing them more. 

3) Decorate Your Bathroom

According to Pinterest, bathroom searches have increased dramatically since earlier this year. From coastal-style to spa-themed, people are designing and fitting creative bathrooms to produce a modern, fresh look for buyers. Having a theme not only sets a relaxing atmosphere but can tell a story depending on your choice. This doesn’t just mean wall and floor designs, go all out - invest in some art, ornaments, or anything boosting your theme.

4) Include Some Bold Wood

Wooden furniture has been a trend for many years. In fact, I can guarantee you own something wooden in your home. However, this year's trend involves much darker and exposed wood, and I’m not talking about dining tables or desks, but wall art or sculptures or even a bookcase. Allow your buyers to embrace the depth and tradition of your home.

5) Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Patterns are everywhere; clothing, cushions, rugs, vases etc. but are becoming the hype on walls. Tiles, art and geometrics can have a beautiful impact on buyers, especially when they are located in rooms such as bathrooms or the study. 

However, some of these bold designs can be quite controversial because, despite their striking decorative moments, some may prefer plain, simple walls. So do your research and don’t go overboard.

6) Invest In Some Nature

In this case, the more the merrier does apply - we aren’t suggesting building a massive jungle into your home, however, house plants or simply owning a plant is vastly becoming very essential when selling your home. As well as it adding interest, it has been proven to benefit your health and generate a peaceful atmosphere within your home.

Therefore, use plants to enhance the theme of each room i.e. add some lavender to your purple themed room - it will not only coordinate nicely, but add scent, and potential buyers will be able to feel the humbleness of the property.

7) Introduce Textures

2018 is the year to really spice up your home using some satisfying materials, known as textures. What I mean by “textures” is simply what you feel - such as a soft cushion on your velvet sofa, or the shiny finish on your wooden dining table. If you feel that your room(s) looks a little flat, the texture will make your room pop and will bring your interior design to the next level.

So how would this affect the market? Well, imagine you are viewing a property but all of the furniture is wooden - that’s not impressive in the slightest, right? The texture will bring the property some personality and make it look homely. It’s not just about sight, it’s touch, so consider texture.

8) Introduce Ombre

Ombre, also known as a “gradient”, is an interior design trend consisting of a colour change from light to dark tones, using a watercolour effect. This season, ombre will be viewed in many different ways such as bedding, rugs or even kitchen designs. It can be as simple as having a bedroom with a range of shades of grey or blue. By coordinating your accessories with your chosen colour, you have then created a complimenting ombre room using a range of shades and patterns. Displaying this unique furniture into your home will give a huge visual appeal to potential buyers.

9) Or Maybe You Want To Keep It Simple

Despite all of these creative trends, in terms of selling your home, it can also be a great idea to keep it simple. Furthermore, a big trend for this year is having an empty home. By “empty”, I mean only having the relevant furniture on show such as sofas, tables, cupboards etc. then putting all items away. For example, if you were going for this look in your kitchen, then essentials such as your toasters and microwaves will be put away and only taken out when needed. 

This effect makes your house look much more modern and allows your viewers to have the ability to imagine the property being their home, rather than your home. 

10) So You Know What’s In, So What’s Out?

Above are all of the trends that are in this season, so what trends are going out?

Copper - Copper used to be a very popular material for homes, especially in kitchens. Unfortunately, it hasn’t lasted long, so it’s time to move on. Copper has become too traditional and can make the property look incredibly old, which is an unpopular trait for the majority. On the other hand, people are becoming more interested in gold and silver, which are classic and stunning materials that could boost your home's personality. 

One-Colour Themes - Sure, it makes your room look very modern and simple, but people are turning heads and directing towards the new, colourful trend. For instance, adding black countertops or accessories to your white kitchen adds uniqueness and provides a much more committed look. 

Typography - does anyone remember walking into someone else’s home and seeing a sticker saying “Follow Your Dreams” or “Live, Love, Laugh” on the wall? Well, I believe 2018 is getting tired of the look - These catchy sayings have definitely gone out of fashion. As a result of this, you should replace it with some beautiful photography or meaningful art. You never know who is going to dwell on it when they visit.

Thank you for reading!