7 House conversions featuring unusual buildings

While we love new build homes and modern apartments, there is always something special about a really nice house conversion - especially when converting some unusual buildings. From vehicles to water towers, these property conversions will definitely inspire you…


Let’s start with the most basic; we have seen a large number of “old”, traditional-style homes been converted into some of the most extraordinary modern homes in the country. In a nutshell, you see homes go from patterned, rustic and wallpapered styles to exposed, simple and textured ones. Additionally, there is also a big development in technology within the conversion, too!

It may be one of the most basic out of the 7 conversions we have today, but it can provide one hell of an evolution. We have seen homes built in the 1900s be converted into a unique, valuable design.

For some initiative, check out some of these dream home transformations.


They say that your school years are the best days of your life - but a few homeowners have taken the sentiment to the next level by converting some old school buildings into their very own homes! This is definitely the ultimate DIY challenge because it will probably involve a lot of maintenance, redesign and building.


These aren’t necessarily conversions, however, it’s an unusual property opportunity we have to mention. We get it - after watching Harry Potter, Disney, Game of Thrones and other films with a medieval setting, who wouldn’t want to live in a castle? In the UK, there are a number of incredible castles that have been converted into modern, living spaces.

So, if you are looking to live like royalty, in a home bursting with history, a castle is probably perfect for you… Let’s just hope your budget agrees!


In the last few years, there have remarkably been a few churches that have been converted into spectacularly unique homes. You witness a modern-designed living space be incorporated into an old, odd property.

I mean, if you are fascinated by the building’s architecture, history and religious qualities, why not?


From school buses to regular coaches, these vehicles are quite popular to transform into a permanent residence. In comparison to the other points, this home may be smaller, but using a vehicle allows your home to become completely mobile! Personally, this idea sounds super versatile and comfortable.


Whether you have a passion for nature or fancy making your childhood fantasies come true, a tree house conversion could be something special to anyone. Live the high life with your wooden residence perched (securely) on a tree - surrounded by beautiful wildlife and greenery.

Again, this isn’t exactly a house conversion, but your tree will essentially be converted into the foundation of your new house. They create the perfect hideaway residence and dream home for all nature lovers!


In 2012, Channel 4’s popular show, Grand Designs featured a special episode of a 100 ft tall water tower conversion in London. The Grade II-listed tower is over 150 years old, and once provided water to the nearby Lambeth Workhouse from a 38,000-gallon tank. £2 million later, the water tower has been converted into a spectacular, nine-storey home with a property value of £3.6 million.

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