10 Things You Need To Consider When Hosting A New Years Eve Party 2018! Feature

I mean, it’s scary we are even saying this - there are two weeks left of 2018! How this year has passed, we hope you had a good one?

Thinking about hosting a big NYE party this year? Well then, this article is perfect for you, as we have 10 essential things you need to consider when you are hosting your very own December 31st party. Whether you follow this article step-by-step or simply use it so you don’t leave anything out, we can guarantee a night to remember. 

1. Lighting

As it is Winter, the sun will go down pretty quickly, so you’ve got to set the party mood with some groovy lighting. Turn all of the ceiling lights off (as that can look pretty unappealing and boring) and plug in some fun LED lights. Furthermore, how you want to do this is completely up to you - You can have simple, dim lights that keep the environment warm and sophisticated, or you can invest in some colour-changing lights for a proper rave. Either way, you will really be setting up the party mood. 

2. Food & Drink

If your partying for god knows how many hours, you’ve got to have some food and drink prepared for the guests, especially if you are drinking alcoholic beverages. Make sure you are prepared, have some champagne ready for the New Year toasting, as well as some other drinks to keep the party going. For those that are driving or underage, have some soft drinks on display too! Regarding food, it’s always nice to have a few nibbles out and about for your guests to feast on as 2019 arrives. 

The big trick is to try and use as many disposable items as possible - bottles, cans, plastic plates and cups - anything that doesn’t require washing up in the morning (who wants to start off their 2019 with a pile of washing up to do in the morning?).

3. Decorations

If you are really up for setting the party atmosphere, purchase some balloons, confetti, some costume props, NYE banners etc. It will be a lot more entertaining for the guests than just a sofa and TV in the living room! This is a celebratory event after all; children get to have fun staying up till midnight, adults can enjoy the booze and how they probably won’t stick to their New Years Resolution… You might as well dress the environment for the occasion. 

4. Themed Props

From party hats to tiaras, signs and horns, your guests can make their New Years selfies extra crazy using some themed props you provide. New Years is surprisingly one of the most memorable, exciting times of the year for the majority of people (even though the majority of people don’t remember the actual night). Therefore, you might as well add to the excitement with some additional props nearby!

5. Photos 

In relation to the last point, you want to capture some fun memories from the party. So, using props and your mobile phone or camera, you can take some excellent selfies and candid photos to keep the party forever in your mind. Then, you can post the photos to social media, or even print them out and frame them, for safe keeping - that definitely shows that it was a great party!

6. Watch The London Fireworks

As well as your guests, celebrate with the rest of the nation by tuning in to BBC One to watch the live coverage of the iconic firework display in London. Watch the spectacular display commence above the River Thames as Big Ben strikes and hundreds of thousands visit to welcome the new year. Keeping the channel running until the clock strikes will stop you from missing the deadline. 

7. Games

To keep the guests entertained, photo booths, music and games will keep the mood going for the rest of the evening. There are thousands of games you could involve that can be a great few hours for friends and family, such as Prosecco Pong, Monopoly, Scrabble, Mr & Mrs, Twister etc. They are hilariously competitive and can create some serious memories. 

8. Music

Keep the party groovy with a playlist of fun songs to play through the night. There are hundreds of playlists available on iTunes and Spotify, full of the best songs of 2018 or a mixture of classics! Whatever genre, it will keep your guest’s head bopping and hips moving.

9. Organisation

Ask yourself these questions: Who knows the number to the Taxi? Where is everyone going to park? Is anyone staying around? Will that get broken? Where should the children/pets go? Does anyone have any allergies? - These questions will help you stay organised, preventing any issues on the night. 

10. Inform others

Because this is a late night party, the generous thing to do would be to inform your neighbours that you are having a New Years party and to negotiate an appropriate time to lower the volume. It is respectful, especially as some neighbours will have sleeping children, might not celebrate the occasion or even have work in the morning. 

Thanks for reading, have a Happy New Year!