7 Creative Things Your Kids Can Make During Some Easter-Themed Arts & Crafts Feature

The Easter Holidays can mean many different things to different people - religious celebrations, bank holiday, lots of chocolate! But for the kids, it means no school for two whole weeks and time for some fun! Furthermore, why don’t you keep them occupied with some Easter-themed arts and crafts?! 

For inspiration, here are 7 creative things your kids can make to celebrate the Easter half term… 

1) Hand Painting

Bring back one of the most classic childhood activities by creating some cool Easter-themed paintings! Simply dip your hands and feet into the paint and use them as your application tools. Regardless if you paint the Easter bunny or a basket full of colourful eggs, this is the perfect opportunity for your kids to get messy.

2) Paper Mache

It may be slightly more advanced than finger painting, but paper mache gives you the opportunity to create something 3D, more long-lasting and exciting for the kids. With some glue, water, newspaper and some colourful paints of your choice, the possibilities are endless with paper mache. 

3) Paper Crafts

If you don’t fancy getting messy with paints and PVA glue, you and the kids can still have some fun getting creative with paper! Collect some different coloured and textured paper, cut out some cool shapes and create something Easter-themed. You can even be quite useful in the future as a bookmark or some wall art etc.

4) Stick Carrots

All you need to do is grab some orange lollipop sticks, stick them together and then glue something green and fluffy on top to represent the carrot top. This quick and easy craft can then be used for things like bookmarking or for sentimentality purposes etc. They are super easy and creative to make, so why not!? 

5) Easter-Themed Fortune Tellers

Remember that cool origami game in school where the player had to choose some labelled flaps to reveal a secret message? - that’s a fortune teller! We are attempting the ultimate comeback as we suggest making some Easter-themed origami fortune tellers. As complicated as they look, they are simple to make and can be endless amounts of fun as your kids put you to the test.

6) Easter Eggs

Being one of Easter’s biggest themes, we’ve got to mention some Easter eggs somewhere! Regardless if you make it out of paper mache, balloons, wire, clay or paper itself, there are many ways you and the kids can craft your own unique Easter egg! 

7) Egg Painting

Gather a few eggs and some appropriate accessories I.e. paint, glitter, glue, stars, marker pens and tissue paper, and personalise your very own Easter egg. Whether you make a cool character or cover the egg in patterns, this is a classic way to creatively spend your Easter.

Thanks for reading, have a wonderful Easter!