Fun Ways You Can Celebrate Halloween 2018 Feature

It’s October 2018, and we all know what that means… Halloween! The holiday originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities and an evening of trick or treating.

If you are a family that traditionally go all out to celebrate this spooky season then this article is perfect for you. Here are some fun ways you can celebrate Halloween with your family and friends.

Find the perfect costume

For centuries it’s been a tradition to dress up in a scary costume - every year you see kids going trick or treating in their spooky outfits. Therefore, in order to up the game your game for this year’s holiday, it’s important you find the perfect costume. Whether you buy it online or make it yourself, it’s essential these days to think up the best costume idea, for yourself or even as a couple. Traditionally you will see white sheets with 2 holes cut, cat ears or a big orange pumpkin. But it’s 2018, therefore meaning you can go all out - Paint yourself blue and become an Avatar, become a Disney character or even your idol. Be you! 

Search the internet for some cool ideas, there are hundreds!

Create some spooky treats

Regardless if you are planning a Halloween party or just having a night in with your family, it’s never right to serve up any ordinary snacks - shake up the atmosphere by baking some delicious treats, sweet drinks or anything else that can spook up your evening. Additionally, it’s great bonding time with your family. So, the question is, what? On the internet, you can find all sorts of tasty treats - one we particularly enjoyed was this article all about these clever Halloween desserts, check it out here. - 

Play Halloween games

This point is great if you are hosting a Halloween party or looking for something to do with your kids. Halloween-themed games are a great way to celebrate the season, keeping you and your guests entertained throughout the day and night. We’ve collected a list of perfect Halloween games to host, suitable for all ages and all purposes:

  • Halloween Treasure Hunt
  • Pumpkin Bowling
  • Pin The Broom On The Witch
  • Spooky-themed Scrabble 
  • Pumpkin Pong

There are so many more you can find online!

Watch a scary film

Turn off the lights, get your Halloween snacks and settle on the sofa with your friends and family as you enjoy your scary movie marathon. There are thousands of movies available on all TV providers, including Netflix and Amazon Prime, on selection for you to watch on your own screens! Nothing sets the mood more than a horror film - the anxiety and adrenaline you pick up during your watching is the true celebration of Halloween. Of course, your choice of horror titles depends on the age and tolerance of the audience, as despite the terror the season is supposed to bring, no-one wants nightmares!

Decorate your home

Whatever your age or level of Halloween tradition is, adding some fun decor to your home always sets the atmosphere - and there are many ways you can do so. Traditionally, you will see carved pumpkins, toilet roll wrapped around objects, cauldrons, green lights etc. but this year it’s about time you up your decorating skills and create a truly haunting home. For instance, one of the biggest trends this year for Halloween is painting your pumpkins, rather than carving. Lately around social media, we have been seeing not only monsters on pumpkins, but characters from films and even words, so be unique, and create the ultimate haunted house. 

Host a Halloween Party

Regardless if it’s a party hosted for adults or for your children, hosting a Halloween-themed party is a great and memorable (for the majority, anyway) way to celebrate Halloween. By following some of the points in this article i.e. serving up some spooky snacks and drinks and creating your own haunted house, you can host an entertaining night offering festivities and all things Halloween. Of course, if you are planning a party for adults only, there are many clever cocktails you can serve up for your guests. 

In order to throw a 2018 Halloween party, have your guests arrive in their scariest costumes and participate in fun activities, face paint and enjoy their night. 

Tell some spooky stories

It’s story time! Dim the lights, hand out the torches and set the scene as you tell your scariest stories. Creepy noises and voices will really keep the atmosphere flowing. Be aware - you might need to check under your beds that night!

Visit a Halloween Fair

Perhaps local schools and historic houses are hosting Halloween fairs this year, there usually is a festive event local to the town. With haunted rides and prizes available, you can enjoy your night with your friends and family with some friendly fun. 

Go Trick or Treating

And last, but certainly not the least… Go trick or treating! It’s one of the most popular traditions in Halloween history, as well as you get lots of free treats. Every year for decades, on this specific night, you will see children wandering the streets with their scary costumes on, knocking on doors for a trick or a treat, it’s fun and you get sweets out of it - Just be sure that your children are being safe. 


Thanks for reading, Happy Halloween!