Get a Head-Start This Spring With These 10 Seasonal Home Ideas Feature

As Spring is slowly approaching closer and closer, it’s about time you begin sprucing your home ready for the Easter bunny! This includes extracting the Winter ‘vibe’ you’ve had going on in your homes such as the heavy, dark curtains and the ultimate pile of pillows and blankets, and going much simpler and prettier.  

As a result of this, below are ten trendy and seasonal design ideas that could make your home look ultimately Spring-friendly!

1. Have a Spring Clean

Let’s get the worst one out of the way first, shall we? As the sun stays out and the days become slightly longer, your home and cleaning essentials can no longer be in hibernation! Get the mop, brush and polish out and prepare yourself for the ultimate deep clean worldly-known as ‘Spring cleaning’. Before you start redecorating and evolving your home to adapt to Spring conditions, you need to ensure you have a fresh canvas first - cleaning will help do exactly that!

2. Add Some Greenery

What’s one of the biggest differences between Spring and Winter? The greenery, of course! As the sun begins to come out for a lot longer so can the plants! If you are looking to spruce up your home ready for the Spring, greenery is definitely the right road to go down. Find some cute house plants and place them on the windowsill, the shelves, the dining table and even hang them from the wall or ceiling! There are many ways you can display flowers in the home, you can check some more ideas out on Giggs & McGrath's blog.

3. Find Some Scents

Another beautiful benefit of the Spring season is the smells! Whilst the scent of natural flowers, mowed grass and barbecuing meat will fill up the outside world soon enough, there are many ways you can implement Spring smells into the interior of your home too! With candles, incense and flowers, your home will be smelling beautiful and comforting within time. 

4. Strengthen Lighting 

During the daytime of Spring, there should be no signs of darkness within your home! To achieve this, invest in some lighter shades and light products as well as opening up your curtain to its fullest extent. Doing this will allow your house to look a lot more natural, eco-friendly and seasonal!

5. Invest in Some Mirrors

We’re not entirely sure why, but featuring a number of mirrors within your home during the Spring season, big or small, can make your home look bigger, brighter and better! Due to its reflective qualities, we are guessing it makes the room look bolder, bigger and reflects the natural light around the room. Another benefit of mirrors within the home is they fit in with any theme, colour or style!

6. Fill Your Shelves

Spring means sunlight, easter, colours and keeping busy! That’s why full shelves are a great contribution to your home this Spring. Rather than having the odd ornament and picture, fill it up with books, vases, money pots, files, anything you want! Rather than hoarding everything on the cupboards and units, invest in some shelves or move everything onto the shelves, leaving you space to do more activity below and to look productive above! 

7. Rearrange Your Furniture 

Are you wanting to change your home up for Spring, but on a budget? Go completely expense-free by having a rearrange of your furniture! It may time and probably more than one of you, but once you’re finished, you can see your home from a whole new perspective! Whilst you are at it, take the opportunity to arrange your furniture conveniently with the season - consider sunlight, warmth and perspective. 

8. Blinds

In the Winter we told you that heavy, dark curtains were the direction to go, now it’s time you turn around and come back into the light! Invest in some blinds or light curtains to fit in with your Spring theme. It will allow the light to come in and give your room a much lighter look!

9. Open up Your Conservatory 

As the Spring/Summer sun approaches, it’s about time you clean and open up that conservatory! Get rid of that clutter, have a dusting session, hoover and clean, and then open it up! When the sun comes out your home will look ready and adjusted for the weather, and it’s also perfect views of your Spring garden, too! 

10. Clean up Your Garden

You don’t want a weedy, dirty, unpresentable garden in the Spring, and you certainly don’t want to spend most of the season gardening (for the wrong reasons, anyway). Get started early by repainting the decking, clearing the leaves and weeds and planting a few appropriate bulbs and plants. If Spring gardening isn’t your thing, it’s still ideal to clear the garden to make your exterior look extra nice and clean. 

Thanks for reading!