How To Cool Down Your Energy Bill This Winter? Feature

For some, Winter means Christmas, snow, dark nights etc. but most of you reading this know that Winter is the desperate time to turn the heating on, use more hot water and keep the lights on for longer - increasing that bill of yours. If you have seen the price you need to pay for gas and electricity rise this year, you probably need to reconsider your money-saving strategies, right? Not to worry, as we have some great advice for you today on how you can save some money!

So what makes up your energy bill? 

Your energy bill is determined mostly by these costs:

  • Wholesale.
  • Network.
  • Environmental.
  • Social.
  • Operating.
  • VAT.
  • Supplier pre-tax margin. 

A lot of energy companies have blamed the price increases on the rising wholesale prices. But what we want to know is; How can we save on energy costs this Winter? Not to worry, as here are our 6 great tips on how to keep your energy bill low this season:

  1. Get thicker curtains - If you particularly big windows or glass doors, it might be a good time of the year to invest in some thicker curtains. Winter means colder temperatures, so the breeze and cold air can fit through those gaps and get into your home. Not only wasting your money but giving you a bigger temptation to turn the heating on. Investing in some thicker curtains might not necessarily be powerful enough to keep that heating off but it will certainly keep the warmth in and the cold out. 
  2. Each degree counts - Whether you have the thermostat turned to 20 degrees Celsius or 21, it might not make a difference in the warmth in your house whatsoever, but it certainly does in your energy bill. Consider turning it down a lot more and just wearing more clothes and extra blankets. 
  3. Use ceiling fans - A lot of people think ceiling fans are only useful in the Summer, but that is definitely not the case at all! Ceiling fans can also be used to achieve better airflow; clockwise will trap heat inside to keep your rooms warmer and anti-clockwise will push hot air up in the Summer, so you can have more control over your ventilation. So how does this affect your energy bill and most importantly, save you money? Well keeping your fan on a low setting will gently push the rising hot air back down, keeping the house warmer for longer so that heating will be turned off quicker! A mouthful, I know. 
  4. Keep the bathing short- As it’s Winter you are probably going to be a lot more tempted to have that long, steamy shower/bath. We get it - it’s the best relaxation after a long day at work, but it will only make you stressed when you see that bill of yours.
  5. Turn that tap off! - If we are just talking about saving money here, then you should also be analysing that water bill of yours. This doesn’t mean washing your hands for 5 seconds rather than 10 (ew!) but having shorter showers, turning the tap off when you are preoccupied, using water you didn’t drink on plants or something useful.
  6. Invest in some insulations - hundreds of thousands of pounds are wasted each year because of the escaping heat. Without it being ridiculously expensive, you can invest in some efficient insulation and also cover any drafts you might come across.

We hope these tips helped, thank you for reading.