Valentines Day 2019: The Perfect Gifts For Him & Her Feature

We are less than one week away from Valentines Day - the most romantic day of the year where you get to spend time with your other half. The big question is though, what should you buy each other? Gifts can be hard, especially when you are on a tight budget. That’s why we have collected some perfect ideas for both him and her that is guaranteed to get you in their good books on V-Day! 


  • Perfume - Every girl adores a fresh bottle of their favourite perfume. With their favourite scent working with their natural odour, you can’t go wrong with it! If you are feeling extra special, there are certain brands that give you the option to engrave the perfume bottles, so you can even include a romantic little message for them.
  • Make-up - If your girl has a passion for beauty products, there are millions of them available to you both online and offline. From eyeshadows and eyelashes to lipsticks and highlights, there is guaranteed to be something on the shelf perfect for your other half.
  • Flowers - Girls love flowers! They might not last long, but its beauty, smell and the dedication make it an almost perfect gesture for your other half. A big trend lately has been bouquets of flowers that also have other things hidden within the flowers too e.g. strawberries, chocolate and even money!
  • Alcohol - Purchase a sweet and delicious bottle of liqueur that represents your other half or simply something they enjoy. A popular drink for the ladies these days is pink gin, so why not try that!?
  • Jewellery - Who doesn’t love jewellery? You can’t go wrong with it. Get her a gorgeous necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings etc. that will really sparkle her appearance and make her smile.
  • Bag - A girl that doesn’t own some sort of bag or purse certainly wants one, and those that DO own one, probably want more. There are so many different brands, designs, materials and colours you could go for, just choose something that represents her and will look good!


  • Games - If your boy is a lover for Xbox or PlayStation, you already know what he wants - why not a new game for his console? This gives you the perfect opportunity to play together and have a competitive date, rather than watching him play Fifa all day (we’ve got you, girl).
  • Clothing - If you honestly can’t think of anything, and he isn’t the sentimental type, why not buy some new clothes for him? You have a choice of joggers, hoodies, tops, trousers, shirts, shoes and even underwear! Choose something he will love and be comfortable in!
  • Experience - If gifts aren’t his thing, or you simply haven’t got a clue on what to get him, why not take him for a fun experience! From indoor skydiving to snowboarding, a cinema trip or even a cooking class, give him a V-Day he won’t forget with an activity he loves with the person he loves!
  • Grooming Kit - If he’s obsessive with how he looks, or if want to low-key tell him to have a wash, a grooming kit is a perfect gift for Valentines Day. Invest in a kit that gives him everything - a razor, a comb, spare cartridges, shaving cream and even a travel case!
  • Wallet - A wallet is a great and useful idea for a gift if your boy is in need of one. Invest in a pocket-sized, slick wallet that allows him to organise his cards and money in slots. 
  • Shoes - Whether they are for work, sport, or for his own leisure and showcasing, buying him a pair of shoes can be a great present for V-Day. He can use them for a long time and look great in them!

There are so many more ideas you can find and use online! Thanks for reading and enjoy your Valentines Day.