Why Should We Move Home? Let’s Discuss Some Reasons… Feature

Moving home is a huge milestone in our lives. A time to build families, careers, opportunities to learn about new cultures and locations, and most importantly… a fresh start. As an estate agency, we want to offer you the best advice regarding moving and selling your homes, so let’s kick off 2019 with the reasons why we should move home…

1. Convenience

Whether you are a single individual building their career or a family of six with jobs and school, there are many reasons why you could move due to convenience. For example, if you got a new job situated in another town, you need more facilities, you want to grow a bigger family etc. overall, you just need a new home that is more convenient to your family, career and lifestyle. Moving due to convenience can make life a lot less stressful, and also help you financially (public transport etc.).

2. Fresh Start

We aren’t suggesting moving home every single time something in your life goes wrong, but when things get too tough, and you are overall unhappy in your home or even the location, then maybe a fresh start in a fresh home isn’t such a bad idea. Your home should be a place of safety, comfort and a special place where you can be yourself - if you are unable to achieve that we would seriously recommend considering a move. 

Additionally, restarting in a new location and property allows you to redefine your purpose - you can explore new cultures, careers, people and traditions. A brand new adventure awaits you.

3. New Milestone

Moving home for the first time is a huge milestone to reach in your life… a brand new chapter! The feeling of purchasing something as big as property and adapting a brand new lifestyle is so exciting, not to mention it gives you a huge achieving feeling due to the size and financial situation of purchasing one.

4. Ready to Face The World

If you are planning on moving out of your first home, away from your parents, this can be a very exciting new chapter. Well, maybe not for your parents, but at some point, the baby bird has got to fly from the nest! This is probably the point where you are old enough to move in with your partner or even your best pals? Either way, the combination of the achievement and the freedom you finally have is an extraordinary feeling. 

5. Change in Scenery

Similar to point two, but maybe you are bored of your current town/city you are living in? A change in scenery is a very common reason for moving, we have come across a number of clients looking to change their lifestyle and it has actually turned out perfectly for them! For example, if you are currently living in a busy city location with an active lifestyle, but it isn’t for you, there are plenty of changes you can make to find a more suitable lifestyle, such as countryside or farming. 

6. The Neighbourhood

Maybe it’s not about ambitious change? Maybe it is about your current situation in your living area. Furthermore, whilst you should love the interior of your home, you should also appreciate the exterior and it’s surrounding areas, and if it isn’t for you, then moving home would be highly recommended. 

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Thank you for reading.